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ShapeLog’s Super Power: Automatic User Identification

Connected Strength Training

ShapeLog’s Super Power: Automatic User Identification

ShapeLog is a digital detective that uses deductive reasoning to learn who you are.

Most people don’t understand or appreciate the most innovative ShapeLog feature when they first hear it: We can authenticate users based purely on their workout data. So consumers don’t need to bother with bluetooth pairing or RFID or QR codes. They just do their workout and the data is captured automatically.

Here’s how we automatically authenticate users:

For the first four workouts, while you’re learning the workout and we’re learning about you, you’re guided by a trainer or the app. Depends on how your club wants to do it. After the fourth workout you’re completely untethered. As long as we know you’re at the club that day, we can track you automatically without your needing to carry anything or authenticate in any way.

For every muscle group we can measure your instantaneous power, range of motion, how quickly you fatigue, and calculate your single rep max weight. This is your data ‘fingerprint’ – it will evolve over time but in predictable ways. With this map of your most unique qualities, ShapeLog can ‘see’ you when you come back for your next workout.

Here’s why that matters:

Automatic authentication is important because it dramatically increases adoption. Users bother to track between 5-10% of workouts on connected treadmills. When most of the workouts aren’t tracked, the value of the data set is limited. By automatically authenticating users, ShapeLog captures closer to 100% of the workouts, which the dataset more interesting and valuable for each user. With a complete view of each user’s data, developers and service providers can build more interesting apps and experiences to engage consumers.

‘It Just Works’

Consumer don’t want a tracker, they want the benefits of a tracker. They don’t want to look at data, they want new, delightful data-driven experiences. By creating a solution that works magically in the background to deliver the value with none of the headaches, we believe we’re unlocking a huge new market in fitness for developers, trainers, clubs, and OEMs to create new experiences for consumers.