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Connected Strength Tracking and Analytics

The ShapeLog ecosystem goes beyond simply capturing weight and counting reps.


ShapeLog makes it possible to quickly and easily implement connected strength with your equipment, whether as a retrofit to existing machines or as an integration during manufacturing.


The ShapeLog API exposes endpoints for the strength data you need, whether that is for personal performance, reviewing client progress as a trainer or managing assets at your gym/club. Your developers can craft the solution that you need.


Aggregated data from the ShapeLog API can be used to generate charts, graphs, historicals or customized reports. Derive patterns over time and quantify the progress and achievement of strength-related goals.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what others have to say:

Strength training data is gold. Whenever we do anything, we want to learn how far, how big, how strong and how much we can do.

Dr. Victor Katch

Author, “Exercise Physiology – 9th Edition”

People have been trying to connect the strength equipment for decades. This half-stick of butter [ShapeLog’s device] is the holy grail.

Christopher Clawson

Chairman, Sports & Fitness Industry Association

Strength tracking and coaching is something unique we can offer that really helps people.

Daniel Allen

Head Trainer, Anytime Fitness Ypsilanti

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