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Connected Strength Training

Universal Strength Tracking

ShapeSense Select

The original, patented strength tracker developed at ShapeLog. About the size of a deck of cards, this retrofit device makes any belt, band, or cable-based machine ‘smart’. Each ShapeSense Select talks directly the the users phone, and can be paired with a ShapeSync to unlock new offerings like group strength classes, leaderboards, strength assessments, remote coaching, and more.

ShapeSense Select is:

  • Retrofit solution – Installed and calibrated in under a minute
  • Installed once and tracks everything that happens on that machine
  • ANT/ANT+ and BLE compatible
  • Enables coaching, group fitness, asset management, and more

ShapeSense Select Product Sheet

Connected Strength Data


The ShapeSync is a small, connected appliance which acts as a gateway between several ShapeSense Select devices and the ShapeLog cloud. A generous screen is included to facilitate setup, current status information and the ability to perform firmware updates to the ShapeSync.

  • Data security & accuracy
  • Software and support
  • For use by gyms/clubs, rehabilitation, sports/athletics and trainers

ShapeSync Product Sheet

Data API for Developers
Developer REST API

Developer REST API

Developer API

Now, developers can leverage strength training data to create new applications, or make an existing app more robust and feature-rich. ShapeLog data enables:

  • Coaching
  • Group Fitness & Personal Training
  • Member retention programs
  • Asset Management

ShapeStore Product Sheet

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