Connected Strength Products

Data-Driven Strength Training


Elegant. Battle-Tested.

Treadmills and bikes have been connected to the internet for more than a decade. So why is strength equipment still dumb? ShapeLog is a business-to-business fitness technology company with patented, award-winning strength tracking hardware and the world’s first great strength training API. Since 2016 we’ve been collecting the largest strength training database in the world.


Universal Strength Tracker

The original, patented strength tracker developed at ShapeLog. About the size of a deck of cards, this retrofit device makes any belt, band, or cable-based machine ‘smart’.

  • Retrofit solution
  • Installed and calibrated in under a minute
  • Designed to support all users in any location
  • 1-year battery life
  • Wifi/ANT+/BLE Compatible
  • Enables coaching, group fitness, asset management

Smart Handle

Track your workouts anywhere with these portable handles. Perfect for resistance bands, TRX straps, or for integration into non-cable based machines.

  • Standalone solution or can be used for group fitness
  • Can be used for remote patient or client monitoring
  • Long battery life
  • Wifi/ANT+/BLE Compatible

First-Fit Integrations

ShapeLog trackers can be integrated directly into the production of strength equipment upon request. Custom designs are proprietary for each manufacturer and model.

  • Longest battery life
  • No visible hardware
  • Can be installed at the factory or in the field

Strength Research Kit

Wireless dynamometer and data hub kit allows researchers, coaches, and trainers to collect and process data in the clinic or in the field.

  • Data Security & Accuracy
  • Software and Support
  • For use by researchers, doctors, students, trainers

API for Developers

Now any developer can use strength training data to create a new app, or make an existing app better. ShapeLog data enables: