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Free Report: The Future of Strength Tracking

Connected Strength Training

ShapeLog is sold exclusively to fitness and health professionals. If strength and fitness is your business, we’d like to hear how you’re using strength tracking. We’ll send you a behind-the-scenes report that documents our approach to strength tracking and why the next three years will be a revolutionary period for the strength and fitness industry.

Access to rich data analytics unlocks the potential for:

  • Gyms to develop more genuine, useful relationships with members
  • Physical Therapists to verify and report on outcomes to demonstrate how they help patients get better faster
  • Trainers to leverage their valuable time by working asynchronously with more clients and bigger groups
  • Strength Equipment Suppliers to dramatically engagement and demand for their products
  • Athletes to work smarter, get stronger, and better avoid injuries

We’re publishing a report (Feb 2016) that describes how our algorithm works to unlock infinitely rich strength performance data about individuals and groups. By filling out this form, you’ll receive a copy via email on the day the report is published.

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