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About Connected Strength Training

Connected Strength Training

Treadmills and bikes have been connected to the internet for more than a decade. So why is strength equipment still dumb?

ShapeLog is a business-to-business fitness technology company with patented strength tracking hardware and the world’s first strength training data API.

Ours is a retrofit solution that makes ‘dumb’ equipment smart. We sell into the commercial fitness market through partners and our hardware is brand-agnostic. We work on anybody’s equipment.

We don’t require users to buy or wear any gadgets. Instead, we learn enough about you in four workouts to automatically identify your workout data every time you come back.

There are data standards for heart rate, steps, cycling, but none for strength training! Together with our industry partners we’re defining standards for strength training data so every workout can be tracked and available to fitness clubs, developers, equipment manufacturers, and users everywhere. Over the past year we’ve accumulated the largest strength training data set in the world and here’s what we’ve learned:

When we keep track of what you’re doing and teach you how to do better, your performance improves.

Pretty obvious, right?