Ann Arbor, MI 48104,USA

What is Shape Log?

Connected Strength Training

Fitbit for the weight room. Shape Log (patent pending) clips onto every weight machine at the gym and records all of your weights and reps without any input required from the user.

When you sit down at the machine, Shape Log knows who you are by identifying your phone or fitness tracker. It automatically beams your reps and weights into the cloud, where you can find and play with the data.

Shape Log helps you track progress and motivates you to get stronger. It’s a fun, simple replacement for the clipboard and golf pencils that have been around since ‘working out’ became a thing.

Gyms and trainers use Shape Log because the tech is simple and fun. Anybody can snap them onto the machine, and the data that’s collected is accurate and engaging¬†– delivering better results for gym-goers everywhere.