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ShapeLog Newest Member of the ANT+ Alliance

Connected Strength Training

ShapeLog Newest Member of the ANT+ Alliance

ShapeLog has joined Life Fitness, Johnson Health Tech, Precor, Strava, Garmin, Wahoo, and dozens of other leading fitness technology companies as ANT+ Alliance Business Members. This week is the annual ANT Wireless Symposium in Banff, Alberta Canada – we couldn’t be more excited attend as an official member of the community.

What is ANT?

The ANT protocol is a proven ultra-low power (ULP) wireless protocol that is responsible for sending information wirelessly from one device to another device, in a robust and flexible manner.

ANT+ is a set of mutually agreed upon definitions for what the information sent over ANT represents. These definitions are called device profiles and are typically tied to a specific use case. For example, a heart rate monitor will send information about your heart rate which is defined in the ANT+ device profile for a heart rate monitor. These device profiles are shared among all of the ANT+ Adopters, enabling any ANT+ Adopter to create a heart rate monitor or heart rate monitor receiver that will operate interchangeably with one another. When ANT+ is branded on a device it means it has been certified to be interoperable with other ANT+ branded devices.

Because ANT+ is built on top of the proven ultra-low power ANT protocol, the network is optimized for power consumption, cost, latency, robust communication and ease of implementation.

Why did ShapeLog join?

We joined the ANT+ Alliance for two reasons:

    1. Our next PCB platform features an ANT enabled module. We want to be the leaders in connected strength training and doing so requires a world-class data collection platform. We’ve built out own proprietary protocols, but using the ANT protocol makes too much sense to ignore in many settings. It’s bulletproof and will extend our battery-life in certain environments.
  1. The community is incredible. The massive transformation we envision won’t be possible without cooperation from other industry players, and the ANT community is one place where that cooperation is possible. Today there is no strength training data standard. We intend to change that and unlock a new ecosystem of digital products and experiences that are built on high-quality strength training data.

Visit to learn more about ANT and the ANT+ Alliance.