Longer Battery Life + More Exercises: How Connected Strength Training Just Got Better

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After piloting in a commercial gym environment for more than a year and gathering one of the biggest strength training data sets on the planet, we redesigned the ‘brain’ of our patented hardware.

Here’s how ShapeLog’s new PCB outperforms our original board:

  • Better power management for significantly improved battery life
    • Onboard battery charging capability from USB
    • Enhanced battery state monitoring
    • Switch for powering sensors on/off
    • Dynamic lighting elements
  • Enhanced tracking accuracy of a wider range of activities
  • Preserved flexibility to accommodate a variety of additional sensor types
  • Ability to “read” identity of device that it is connected for modular installation environments
  • Expansion port for wider use case scenario capabilities to accommodate (in part):
    • On board storage memory for lower power consumption
    • On device LED display for real-time user feedback without auxiliary devices
    • Haptic user feedback for enhanced user experience

Fitness equipment OEMs: We’re building these boards for you

Our goal is to license our technology to help you become leaders in connected strength training. Our best-in-class strength training data is available via API so developers can build new digital experiences to pair with your equipment.