ShapeLog and Inspire Fitness Deliver “Connected Strength” Experience at IHRSA 2017

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ShapeLog and Inspire Fitness are debuting a new “connected strength” solution this week at the IHRSA Conference in Los Angeles. Inspire Fitness is a leader in strength equipment for commercial and home use. The connected strength demo taking place on the IHRSA trade show floor this week combines Inspire strength equipment with ShapeLog strength tracking and analytics.

Jeff Laborde, President at Inspire Fitness, came up with the ’30 second IHRSA experience’: users will participate in a micro-workout (about 30 seconds) using Inspire’s dual chest press and receive a micro-coaching report courtesy of ShapeLog’s coaching algorithm. Prizes will be awarded for strongest participants who meet minimum thresholds for form and symmetry.

The micro-workout experience at IHRSA will soon be available for all muscle groups, all machines, and all workouts. The full connected strength experience launched in limited markets with group training strength classes in late 2016. ShapeLog’s first app will be released in Summer 2017. The app will automatically track every workout and serve up evidence-based programming to help users improve.

“Our claim is simple: When we track your workouts and teach you how to do better, your performance improves,” says Brian Hayden, CEO of ShapeLog. “We’re grateful that Inspire Fitness recognized this gap in the market and is helping us fill it.”

Dual Chest Press from Inspire Fitness
Dual Chest Press from Inspire Fitness

ShapeLog is a member of the Fitness Industry Technology Council (FIT-C) and a finalist in the ActiveLab Accelerator. The company’s patented solution helps build stronger, healthier, fitness communities. Fitness clubs and trainers make more money and have happier clients, with no out of pocket risk.

Boasting over 100 years combined experience, Inspire Fitness prides itself on being avid fitness people, creators of unique products that are properly designed to fit the human body, and for going above and beyond to ensure that our customer thoroughly enjoys our equipment.

To learn more about this event – or to register – click here.

You can see a sample micro-coaching report below. Due to the constraints of time, space, and resources at the show, these will take the form of a ‘receipt’ that each user can walk away with. The big score at the bottom represents the total output (work) from the micro-workout in milliwatt hours (mWh). Cyclists will recognize this metric that they get from their power meter. “Force Score” is the actual maximum load experienced by the muscles during the workout. It’s a combination of weight and speed. There’s a left/right comparison that helps diagnose strength imbalance and form degradation. Users who meet minimum muscle balance thresholds are eligible for fun prizes like Fitbits and ShapeLog t-shirts.

The full ShapeLog experience is an expanded version of the micro-experience available at IHRSA 2017.

IHRSA Connected Strength Micro-Report
IHRSA Connected Strength Micro-Report